Site Building & Content Creation

I love brainstorming, naming new things and working with designers to build engaging and user-friendly homes for creative content.

  • For Carbonmade

Carbonmade’s Creative Director tested out his two newest hires with a site-building exercise. He threw me and designer Timo Kuhn into a “room” and let us build a fun space together called The Clubhouse. It was a home for a variety of interviews, art projects, silliness and spotlights on our favourite Carbonmade users. It was a great way to figure out how to work together remotely while building something new and beautiful for our users. The end result even got featured in .net magazine.

My favourite part of the entire process was brainstorming with Dave to come up with the name for The Clubhouse. I also loved dreaming up and defining each of the content sections and then naming them something fun. Wowza!

Initial launch illustrations were done by the very talented Laura Park and then continued by Griffin Moore once he joined the team.

The Clubhouse was featured across the internets and written up by Jenn Lukas as a fine example in .net mag’s CSS gallery section.