I realized that yesterday was ONE FULL YEAR since I packed up all my Canadian belongings and moved to Los Angeles to be with my lovely bearded (now) husband. It’s been awesome in lots of ways (the pictures are proof of that) but I’m sure it’ll get even better when I find a sweet copywriting / marketing gig. I’m looking forward to doing good creative work again and meeting a fresh batch of talented peeps. (It’ll be hard to beat the Carbonmade nerdfaces but I’m up for the challenge.)

How have I kept busy while waiting for my US work docs to come through? Well, I hunted high and low for new throw pillows and whipped up this poster frame for a favo(u)rite print. Our apartment is looking much homier and I love the touch of Canadiana in with the tropical vibe.

Let’s flash forward a wee bit like they do in the movies! It’s now September 2016 and I live in Los Angeles with my husband Josh. He is very nice and has a great beard. I’m a few days away from being able to work in the US of A so I’m dusting off all of my online thingies. Here is me in a big hat trying to keep the sun from crushing my life force. Cute!

All’s whale that ends whale! I wrapped up another 8 week screen printing course with this homage to my dear ocean friends. I kept the artist proof and made it into an edition of seven. I have no problem telling you that I am very pleased with myself. They turned out beautifully even with a few bumps along the way. Now I guess I’ll start sending them to people!

It’s decorative gourd season, motherflippers.

This is me being a real creepster while hanging out with the Carbonmade dorks in real life. HI MIKE HI!

I like faces on things. Probably will forever. And so, I added a chummy little face to my plant pot. Lookin' good, my friend!

It's not always about wordsmithin'. Sometimes I do other delightful things like reach out to people about featuring the folks at Carbonmade in some fashion. We went from sponsoring the first edition of Offscreen Magazine to pitching a feature to appear within its pages. Not only were we chosen to pull together a "Where The Magic Happens" pictorial for Issue No3, but our shot of Timo pretending to work graced the cover. A solid team effort and genuine source of pride!

I've been spending time polishing up this here portfolio and trying out our swaggy new features. In digging through various archives, I found this great write-up we got from .net magazine in November 2011. The Carbonmade Clubhouse is no longer online but it's nice to have a reminder of one of my favourite projects. I especially love that they used a pull quote from our designer Timo. He's the greatest!

I think I finally found the perfect desk accessory for my goldfish brain. The pen even has a foam eraser built in! It beats wasting notebook after notebook on my To Do lists. And I loooooooooooove making To Do lists. Hello, I am boring. Hi.

Let's just say that the previous tenant in my little glass terrarium has gone off to plant heaven. RIP, succy! And so, I planted some bb ferns this weekend and got out my hot gloo gun to perch some teenie tiny lucky owls on a rock. They are pretty cute. Green makes dreams come true, white brings happiness and yellow brings peace. I like it.

I'm pretty sure I will never take a better photo in my life. This moment was everything and I will think of it forever. Taken in Santa Barbara on my birthday in November, 2014.

I travel a lot because that is a nice thing to do. This is California. There's more to it but these are some of my favourite parts. If I can see the ocean, I'm a very happy gal.

The workspace prettification marches on with the addition of an art ledge. I have put some of my favourite arts on it. In this case, some pretty little birds by the super-talented Geninne.

In the continuing series of FINGS WOT I MADE TO MAKE MY WORKSPACE LOOK PRETTY... this is a little hedgehome for plants and rocks and whatnots. It's pretty cute, no?

Working on some things to pretty up my workspace. I'm really pleased with this lil terrarium I pulled together in about 30 minutes. BLAMMO!

Keeping my neck warm and my copywriting life on track! At least that's the plan. Wakka wakka.

I live in a really pretty place and that's a fact.

Have you been here? Big Sur is my happy place. Lots of places are but LOOK AT THIS PICTURE. Okay, thanks.

This pumpykin needs a face. I plan to give it one at some point. (Update: I NEVER DID!)