Recent work isn’t shareable as it’s still underway or in NDA-land, but I can show a little more from my notebook and card printmaking project. As for that, what kind of brand person would I be if I didn’t create a little maker’s mark for myself? The whale tail with a lil AB etched into it is about as ‘me’ as it gets. Did you know that the underside of a humpback’s fluke is so unique that it’s used to ID individual whales? It’s true and therefore a fitting mark for my cetacean-loving self.

The spirit behind this side project is to not only get better at linocutting and printmaking but to have something to give to others with no expectations in return. I send notebooks to friends and family on a whim but also to people who’ve been kind to me like my regular barista pals and awesome hairstylist. Each time it takes Herculean strength not to point out all the imperfections before handing it over but that is a valuable exercise in and of itself. The reaction to the gift makes me feel good and inspires me to make more and try again.

Anyway, I like doing it and a couple checks in the bank from freelance work means I’m going to splurge on a better set of linocutting tools before the next round. I’ll share the ‘work work’ too when I can as it’s fun stuff. I think? We’ll seeeeeeeeeeeee!