Just finished a personal project that combines a few of my loves into one. It’s no secret that I spend a lot of time watching the ocean. It’s calming and helps me work on my powers of observation: a good thing for a writer and marine mammal enthusiast. It’s amazing what you can see when you sit quietly and look for signs of life.

I have a few different perches along the LA coast with Catalina Island as my constant backdrop. Even when cloaked in a thick marine layer, I know it’s out there. The waters between us are teeming with life from tiny krill to the biggest of blue whales. I love this view and wanted to capture it in my own way. And thus, these linocut notebooks were born.

All modesty aside, I love them and it feels nice to make something that I think is beautiful. As notebooks they can help capture thoughts, inspirations and adventures which is a great feeling too. Anyway, I made a thing and I already have ideas for the next batch. Toot toot!