Portfolio App Overhaul

For five years as a remote contractor, I was Lead Copywriter and managed creative marketing efforts for the fine folks at Carbonmade. I was part of a small team of talented doofuses whose work was roundly enjoyed by users and industry folks alike.

  • For Carbonmade

One of our largest projects revamped the Carbonmade experience from the ground up. It was a huge undertaking and warmly welcomed by our 1 million plus users. This beautiful one-page site helped us roll out a long laundry list of improvements and new features. Creative Director Dave Gorum got the word motor running with headline ideas and placeholder copy. I polished it up, added fun descriptive blurbs and edited the page for primetime. A solid team effort!

This gorgeous nugget is the email we sent out to let users know that we radically improved their Carbonmade. It was written together with Dave Gorum and illustrated by James Barnes. It had a very high open and clickthrough rate and was chatted up by users and industry followers. These guys rather enjoyed it too: reallygoodemails.com